Arabic numbers math program

I created a math program
And now I want the same program, but with Arabic numbers
As follows
١ ٢ ٣ ٤

Just Create A Variable And Store All Arabic Number ۱ to ۹ Including ۰ And Use It As Select Item In The List

Using Dictionary (component) or list will be useful imo
{1:“Arabic 1” , 2: “Arabic two” and so on}

But I am counting an infinite number of numbers

Use block logic to perform that task for example take 420.

  1. Convert your whole number into a list using split method. Now you’ll get A= [4 2 0] list
  2. Use for item in List A to get the digits in the list and convert them accordingly.

just one question : Do Arabic Number Have Base 10 or something else

yes ,have the same base 10

Here Is Example AIA File For You

ArbicMath.aia (2.9 KB)



blocks (1)

For English

For Arabic

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I thank you very much for your great support
But there is an error message when experimenting
please support

Flaw in the code is that it is unable to convert 0 to arabic zero.Once again I say Dictionary will be helpful.
You may add a logic to redirect to index 10 of list if 0 is encountered.

This method works in an excellent and effective way

But there is a problem with the numbers above the number
Is it possible to think with to find a way to convert all numbers?

Why Are You Putted Random Integer From 0 to 0 ?

it is from 0 to 9

As You Know Index Is Starting From 1 Not Zero And Adding Random Item Is Not A Perfect Solution For The Math

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That’s why I am again and again asking to use DICTIONARY COMPONENT

Dictionary Is Also Good Idea But It’s Difficult Little Bit For Beginner But My Above AIA File And ScreenShot Will Help A Lot To Beginner And It’s Easy

But how will it convert 0 as index starts from 1

There Is Counting Index For 1 To 1 And Zero Will Be Index 10

Number   Index
1           1
2           2
3           3     
4           4
5           5
6           6
7           7
8           8
9           9
0           10


this a working method:
EnglishToArabicNumbers.aia (4.1 KB)


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