Arduino Bluetooth communication problem

Hi Everyone,

New problem where I can’t find a solution for. I’m communicating with an arduino via bluetooth. Some buttons in kodular sends some values to arduino. And arduino sends some sensor values to kodular to be shown in the APP.
When I start the program and as long as I don’t puch any button, i get the different data on the right places. But when I push a button on the kodular app, I still receive the data, but it seems like the order is messed up. What I mean is that I have sensor 1 to 5 that I receive data from to be shown on label 1 to 5. At a certain moment the labels receive the wrong data. I suppose that the app doesn’t receives the complete data when I push on a button? Or is there any other explanation? Someone can help?

this is the bluetooth receiving part:

and one of the sending buttons:

No one had the same problem?
What I did now to show the right data is to be sure to read all the data by counting it. And only show it when the list lenght of the received data that I store in a list is the right length. But even then I had sometimes faults. So I knew that the last 2 atributes have “psi” and “V” in it, and I check for that too. If that is also ok, I show the data… Dont think that that is the best solution but it kinda works…

If someone knows a better way to work, please feel free to help me out!