Arduino communication

Can I see my arduino button status on the app.

I want to make a app, with arduino.
When I press a button on arduino board than app react.

Is possible through wifi or bluetooth shield (i’m don’t know with OTG)

maybe @Soham_Shah should be help you

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It is possible through bluetooth, you need to use Bt serial communication between arduino bluetooth HC-05 module, and app

Thank you for mentioning my name @Vedang

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Lot of information you will find in @juananton1991 's site , scroll down till you Android and Arduino via Bluetooth section

Yeah i know that thanks, and with HC-06 shield too but it is a little more expensive and have more options. HC-05 works slave and HC-06 can work as slave or master

I have not communicated HC-06 with app but I know how to use HC-05 with app

I have a video and aia (AI2) with HC-06 comunication but I can’t post here, video is in spanish. If you need i can send PM

I don’t understand Spanish, but mostly for receiving and sending commands HC-05 and HC-06 should work similar, so I don’t think you should have a problem and if you want to send message through arduino then you need to use softwareserial library