Are apkpure or mediafire considered as a fishy/scam website in kodular community

is apkpure a fishy website is it allowed to post url of apkpure or not

Apkpure website url: [](Apkpure best app store)
Mediafire website url: [](Media file hoster)


If you want you can post the direct aia or apk rather than posting a link of these sites

but why is this not safe it use https http :hyper text transfer protocol
https :hyper text transfer protocol secure
because i want download + reviews

Make sure your query is related with kodular or not… If mod feel this is no where related with kodular it will be delisted in no time…

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related to kodular community rules plz reply @Peter


Avoid using reactions for your own post and try to understand meaning of using the reactions


It depends on what you put on it i guess.

It seems you have a lot of selflove with all the hearts you are giving yourself. Using a thumbsdown to a response which you don’t like is not how we want you to respond. It looks very immature.


Not every website using https is secure, there are cases where sites that had SSL were a victim of DDOS, phishing, exit scams etc.
Everything depends upon the site history and its trustworthy userbase​:heart:
I have been using both the sites since my teenage and they are trust worthy with a clean chit from sucuri but in Kodular community it is advised to upload direct file so as to ease availability for other users according to me.

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ok sorry peter and all kodular community members thank you

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