Array Json file

Hi guys,
i have a Json file with many information but some of this is inside an array.
My problem is that i can’t take a part of the array.
My little piece of Json file:
“nome”: “name”,
i need coordinates divided into 2 part: latitude=45.478140184674032 and longitude=.9.156675327340007.

i managed to get all the coordinates like a single string but i can’t devided the lat from the long.
this is my block

can anyone help me please?


As it is in csv form so you can use like at from csv row text or split text at ,

i make like this:

but the result is always the same, the label’s 4 text is ([lat long)] and i can’t devided it.

if i use spit text at , the result it will be the same

I think the problem is the method you are getting data.
First parse whole response.Then parse data of geometry attribute.
Then parse data of coordinate attribute and split it at , and set label text to that.

Hi. Can you upload your aia file?
To not have to replicate everything and see a solution.


finally i find a solution! thanks!
i post the block, maybe i will help someone in the future.

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