Artificial intelligence In kodular?

Hey Koders
1 I am here to ask a question that is it possible to add artificial intelligence in app. Why i want??bcz I am making an social media app and I want feed system like Facebook and Instagram where user get post in order of his interstate in post my English is not good at all so I hope I am explained right and also if it is not possible directly then can I use and database where I store how many times user visited profile, like post,see post again and again andon that database Artificial intelligence give me order of post

2 this is little bit off topic can anyone tell me a free course from where I can learn artificial intelligence and it is good if course language is hindi

If you have time you can inquire about Amazon Personalize and her API

Do you mean Amazon echo

No, Amazon Personalize

Any other suggestions or ideas?? please give here

If you want to learn AI then you can go for this course,
from Columbia University, New York
It’s free too :grin:
But it is in English.

Other References:

But what about this

I do not think it is currently possible in kodular.:thinking: