Ask user permission extension


(Federico Morrone) #1

Extension to ask user to input his password before performing some action


Show an authentication screen with set title and subtitle:

Return true if the extension is compatible with the device

Returns if the user has a password set on the phone

Called after the user entered the password or clicked back

Download: Federico.Morrone.Extensions.askPermission.aix (58.9 KB)

This is a pretty new android feature and it will only work on android SDK 27 and later so I added a function to check android version

How can we add pattern lock system in our app?
(Nathan) #2

Yeahhhhh!!! I saw this before everyone, literally… He told me about it :joy:

(Robert Crum) #3

Very useful extension! Now you can set an app lock to prevent unauthorized use of your app.

(Harsh Pratap Singh) #4

its useful amazing work

(Yusuf Cihan) #5

I saw that before when you want to see your registered password in Chrome, it asks for your phone’s password. It’s good to see the same in Kodular!

Good work! :star_struck: