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I have 1200 .html files in total. Why can’t I assign them to codes in bulk? Is there a better way to do this? they are all 5mb in size.

What are you trying to do…pls explain

I want to load the content in the right window into the program. But the program allows me to load them one by one. Why can’t I batch assign? These contents are 1200 pieces in total. The size is 5mb. The program will be a date application. The program will display events, births and deaths by date.

Do one thing

Download that aia in pc

Open that aia with winrar

Now open assests folder with the help of winrar

Select all files which you want to upload and copy them through (Ctrl + C)

Then paste them in the assets folder of the aia

Reimport the aia into creator.


@Anu it won’t work cause aia limit is ~32mb. Below there was a solution but with new api 30 on the way and aab files this will also not work

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I thought that all those total sum of file size is 5 mb :sweat_smile:


This was a great idea! Thank you it will be very useful for me. What do you say about this?
I encounter this problem very often. It bothers me a lot… :frowning_face:

(Server error: could not upload project.Please try again later.)I keep trying but it doesn’t work.

What size has the aia that your are trying to upload ?

only 1.65mb


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What I learnt some times back was that if you have so many files in the assets folder, not matter how small the size is, this problem will arise but if yo manage to upload them successfully, it won’t compile to apk. So my workaround was simple, create my app with only few assets like the icon and then export the apk and add the assets through APK Editor Studio then recompile and sign the apk.
That’s the best solution. But for new apps, AAB files seems not to have the software to edit it. Unless there’s a new one we don’t know of.

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That’s incredible. I just made the codes with codes. I added content with APK editor studio. This worked great for me. I am grateful. :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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