Assistance to convert MIT App Inventor aia file to Kodular acceptable aia file

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Converting the aia file from MIT app inventor to Kodular

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Is there a straightforward means to convert aia file generated with MIT App Inventor Kodular functional aia file without having to rewrite the entire application?.


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try to import the AIA file directly into Kodular as most of the components in MIT is as same as Kodular

Thank you very much
I have tried importing it directly , But it raises errors and does not proceed beyond the first screen, even when the error seems to have been address3. Please see the AIA file: HomeBites04092023 (1).aia - Google Drive

I appreciate your help.

It imports perfect,

just skip the ERROR warnings,
because Web and TinyDB component is old version in Kodular than APP Inventor.

After that make necessary changes in blocks which have errors.

Many thanks. I will modify as suggested.

The issue has now been resolved by doing the following :

  1. Configure the MinSdkVersion (MSdk): In the Kodular environment, navigate to “Settings”. There you can configure the MinSdkVersion. Adjusting this setting can help when there are compatibility issues related to the Android version.
  2. Enable RTL (Right-to-Left): Under the “General” tab in settings, there’s an option to enable RTL (Right-to-Left) support. This is especially useful for languages that are written from right to left, such as Arabic and Hebrew. Enabling or disabling this might resolve issues, especially if the original .aia file had specific language configurations.
  3. Configure SplashScreen: Also, under the “General” tab, there’s an option to adjust the SplashScreen settings. Depending on the project, having a SplashScreen set (or not set) might affect the app’s initial loading or presentation.
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