Async firebase leaderboard minimum bandwidth usage(Free aia)

Here is the video about app:

I set loading leaderboard for first time leaderboard button clicked for reducing bandwidth usage. If you want you can set it everytime leaderboard button clicked.

PS: First you need create 50 tags(if you want it can be 100 or more) like this(can be made with basic app with kodular)

There are two string in list: username and points

Question: How this app using minimum bandwidth?

Answer: When new score obtained it gets data of 50th user. If your total score is less than 50th user’s score then it don’t get any data and redirected you to next page. If your total score is more than 50th user’s score then get 40th user’s score. If your total score is between this range then it get every users points in this range and find what is your position. If your score also higher than 40th user’s score it get data of 30th user’s and etc. Finally it finds your position :sweat_smile: At the end it store your score to your position and configure other users with your position. There are approximately 1800 blocks

Aia :
firebase_example.aia (477.0 KB)

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It Sounds Good.

Appreciation for your Work.

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Thanks a lot :hugs:

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hello i want to buy your aia can you answer me?

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