Async Image Editor Component

I’m using the image editor component for basic editing of images but rather then the process being asyn it just freezes the screen and respond after few seconds with result. I want kodular to make the process async.

@ravigarg can you show blocks

Why? they aren’t even needed. You can just take any image and try any of the blocks in image editor yourself.

Dont have that much time

So, how can you check if the screen freezes with just blocks? :grin:

are you just using image editor coponent?
how many screens are you using?

Oh, I am not an idiot​:sunglasses:

Yes made a separate project to check if the problem is in the app or component.

I never use more than 1 screen​:sunglasses:

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@ravigarg It not only freezes the screen but also causes memory allocation issues.

Yes, thats why I asked to make it async

Just tried, no issue here…

Exactly what did you try?

Every available block in the image editor component…

But it does freezes in my case.
What are your phone’s specs?

In this case you should share yours…

Enough to run apps made in Kodular.

@Boban take a look at this post. It states the same problem

I totally agree with your point about freezing.

In my project i have around 450 images, i use image editor to round them.

Expected Result - It should round a image and load it asynchronously.

What i get - A freezed Screen until all the images are made round by image editor and then they load all at once.


Yes, that’s why I created the topic. The problem is in the component and not the code.

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Any Update?