Atmosphere: File Manager



Lightweight, useful and powerful file manager.

  • Basic Features
    • Copy, move and delete files
    • Create text files and create folders
    • Delete and ZIP folders
    • Open files (supported .mp4, .txt, .json, .png, .bmp, .jpg, .zip, .apk)
    • Press back to open previous folder
* Advanced Features
    - Hide media with .nomedia
    - Preview images with "Thumbnails"
    - Show/hide hidden files/folders.
    - Delete, move, copy and rename multiple files.
    - Customize your file manager!
    . . . and more!


  • Currently, mp3 files cannot be played. I will add an mp3 player soon.

Languages :earth_americas:

This app available in,

All app strings located in JSON file.

  • You can translate Atmosphere into your language. After translating, your name will appear in the “Translators” section of the app.




Show Changelog
  • A1.3E
    • New app icon.
    • Major UI changes.
      • Fully redesigned file menu.
      • Outlined Material Icons added.
      • Fixed notifier background color bug when switching Dark Mode.
      • . . . and more!
  • A1.1T
    • Copy folders
    • :crescent_moon: Dark Theme
    • APK files are now supporting.
    • GIF files are now supporting.
    • New Spanish language.
    • Edited file actions for accessibility.
    • Added new icon for PDF files.
    • Fixed file location error for unsupported devices. A universal file location will be used anymore. /storage/emulated/0/ >> /mnt/sdcard/
    • UI changes.
  • 3.0
    • :artificial_satellite: Introducing Atmosphere
    • Brand-new home screen.
    • Option for change icons to small for unsupported devices.
    • Fixed translations.
    • Multi-file renaming updated.
    • Small UI changes.
    • Changed previous folder method.
  • 2.0
    • :tada: Upgraded to 2.0
    • New Icon Pack feature.
    • Added built-in “Papirus” icon pack.
    • Updated app icon.
    • New languages
      • Added “French” language.
      • Added “Traditional Chinese” language.
    • :exclamation: Brand-new file menu.
    • It’s now easier to hide media in a folder.
    • You can see how many files are in a folder.
    • New icons for known files.
    • After that, if you open an empty folder, a small FAB will appear to indicate this.
    • Small UI improvements.
  • 1.3
    • :exclamation: Multi-file select feature added.
    • Files can now be renamed.
    • You can move/copy/delete more than one file.
    • Multiple renaming with custom counters.
      (like photo01 / photo02 . . . photo99 . . .)
    • Fixed a file list error when saving/creating a text file.
  • 1.2
    • Upgraded stable version.
    • Rebuilt responsive text method.
    • Rebuilt getting app icons method.
  • 1.1
    • :google_play: Uploaded to Google Play as BETA
      (I will remove it from the BETA to stable version once you are sure that all the mistakes have been removed.)

    • New folder icons for special folders.
      • Download → Download icon
      • DCIM → Camera roll icon
      • bluetooth → Bluetooth icon
    • Responsive text size for big card titles.
      • Used Taifun’s Settings extension for it.
    • Removed “Press TitleBar Back to” feature.
    • Removed “Hold FAB button to exit” feature.
    • Removed Title Bar Back Button.
    • When a folder is empty, the message “Folder empty” will now be displayed as toast.
    • Added “Italian” language.
    • Added “Translator” card.
      • If you make your phone language in X, you will see the name of the person who is doing this X language in the app.
      • Press “Translator” card for view all translators.
    • Fixed bugs.


Thanks to;

  • :kodular: Kodular
  • Taifun
    • Battery Extension
    • Package Manager Extension
    • File Extension
    • Settings Extension
  • Nathan @hammerhai
    • for making Outlined Material Icons
  • Pavitra
    • Phone Info Extension
  • Red Panda
    • l18n Extension
  • AppyBuilder
    • List Utils Extension

Download :google_play:

  • Do not beg for the .aia file, please.
  • If you encounter problems or want to report bugs, feel free to send me a message.
    I’m also open to any suggestion or question.

How to design screen like screenshot no.1 ?


I used CardView instead of buttons.

I made this design for every big card.


Very good!
The design is very good, and the application is complete!
Well done!


Thank you for your comment. :slightly_smiling_face:


@yusufcihan what’s the name of the font you used? Looks amazing!


I think its poppins for the header :slight_smile:
I use this font too !


Yes, but others come from the system interface (System UI) of the phone. (Samsung’s Font)

When you download the app, it will appear with the font of your device. I forgot to change the font. :sweat_smile: (except CardView Titles)

:white_check_mark: I just took the screenshots again.

I know :smirk:


thank you for using some of my extensions, keep up the good work!


I dont like it because, of this:
That’s what a normal user would say, but I am not that user.



Everything is good. But when I open a folder that has a lot of files (like my camera that has more than 4000 img, about 13G) , the app will stop.


Thumbnails allow you to view those pictures without opening the picture.

  • Close Thumbnails and try again.
  • Try dividing the pictures into separate folders.
  • I also use the file extension of Taifun. So I can’t solve this.
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Nicely designed ! :clap:
I can tell a lot of hard work went into the making this app !

Keep up the good work ! :+1:


Some bugs!
I am unable to go back from File Manager, need to shut down and reopen the app.

Labels, see the image.

Can you do so when choosing apps, it then will scan for apps and not every time i start the app.

Beyond it, Good work.


As I mentioned here;

Emergency Exit from File Manager

This is a problem from Makeroid, not me.

I get what you want and I’ll fix it in the next update.

This app designed for large screens. But I will add an option for change font size.

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I’m aware of the back button in the title bar, but pressing the physical back button I’m still not able to go back and what I know it works as it should.

Don’t know how much bigger screen I can have…
Samsung S6 edge+ 5.7", 1440x2560
Samsung S8 Note 6.3", 1440x2960

Look’s alike on both, however, this may help.



In this version;
Device’s back button -> Open Previous Directory
Holding FAB button or pressing back button in the title bar -> Close File Manager
These settings can be reversed from the 3 point menu in the file manager (not recommended)

In the next release;

  • Title bar back button will be removed.
  • If you are in the main directory, the back button of your device will exit the file manager.

Thanks for the info. I will fix everything in the next release.

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I think the back button bug has something todo with the menu button possibly :thinking:

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Try changing the text size settings in your phone.


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I’ve fixed everything and from now on I’ve published it on Google Play.
You can follow the changes on the first topic.