Atmosphere: File Manager

(Yusuf Cihan) #64

Thank you, but you have already translated into Chinese. Right? I think the region is just different.

(Yusuf Cihan) #65

The new version is on :google_play: Google Play now.

(Rémi Chartier) #66

Yep, I prefer busybox if possible, because i’ll change my username to busybox.

(Yusuf Cihan) #67

Right now in app, your name is shown as Rémi Chartier (R3M)

(張睿玹) #68

yes the region is not the same

(Rémi Chartier) #69

Cool, thanks again :wink:

(Yusuf Cihan) #70

No more Device Manager. Now it is;


What happened?

  • Don’t worry, the “Device manager” will be called “Atmosphere” after the update.
    • Atmosphere is a file manager. (but of course, it’s different than others).
    • You can add multiple file locations to the Atmosphere.
      • Local (/storage/emulated/0/)
      • FTP
      • . . .
    • Each file location is independent of each other, so you cannot navigate to another location when using the file manager.
    • Therefore, the name of the application was determined as “Atmosphere”.
    • Although not limited to this, new features will be with this version.
  • What happened to other features?
    • Only the main screen will change, there will be no change in other functions of the application. I won’t change the design of the File Manager and App Manager.
  • Why is the design of the app changing?
    • Most applications on Google Play use Material design.
    • Device Manager doesn’t have a full name and I also think it doesn’t follow the Material guidelines.
  • When will the new version come?
    • I’m thinking about finishing it in a week. My computer hardly handles the blocks (about 3300), so it’s hard when I pull each block.


  • Most of the design is over but the functions are not working yet.
  • Atmosphere will use a Google’s Pixel (or maybe Settings app in Android Oreo) look.

Features in this screenshot may vary. Because not finished yet.

What do you think about new design? :thinking:

(Shreyash) #71

Cool! But it looks more like a setting screen rather than a home screen.

(Yusuf Cihan) #72

Yes, I tried to fill the other parts. But that’s all I can do.
But it is not finished yet. I’m thinking of adding a few more things. :wink:

(KrishuTech) #73

I really liked the app and concept too

(Rémi Chartier) #74

I love the new interface :heart_eyes_cat:

(Nathan) #75

It almost like it’s from the Google Pixel design.

(Gabriel Farias) #76

Gostei da nova interface, achei bem moderna, porém, que tal um branco mais claro, ou um modo escuro?

(Yusuf Cihan) #77

I will try to more lighter. And I think I can add dark mode.


Which block of the package component does not work for you correct?

(Yusuf Cihan) #79

Get Package Icon block.
This block saving package icon to phone.
But it saves same name of icon. So I only use for once.

Previously, I had to store each package (app) icon in a folder after saving it to the phone. I don’t want this block to saving the app icon picture on the phone. I get the Runtime Error error every time I move the package icon created by this block in the folder.

But I think real problem is; causes the Runtime Error when adaptive icons are enabled.

For now, this is no problem. Because I don’t use this block anymore.


Ahh… now I got it.
I can add a new block.

How do you need it ?

  1. image name will be the package name
  2. you can enter yourself a image name

Make a choose :smiley:

(Marggx) #81

getting all icons from all apps on you phone in one folder :joy:

(Marggx) #83

i know i answered @mika

(Yusuf Cihan) #84

Image name will be package name.
I prefer this.
Thanks :innocent: