Attempt to get item number 0, of the list, The minimum valid item number is 1

Hello Kodars…!!
Error:-“Select list item: Attempt to get item number 1 of a list of length 0: ()”
i have tried all previously discuss topic. but i can’t able to fix it. please help me.

A list is empty. Are you getting data from airtable ? Use Do it to debug your blocks and check if global Thumbnail or global Title or global Description are empty lists

Not working…Please check this block also

Position starts with 0 so use a + block and add 1 to get the correct index, get position + 1

yes i am getting data from air table…nothing shows for do it. please help !!

Add this

Thank You So much. It is working fine now :blush:.

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If problem solved mark solution :white_check_mark: in order to help others with the same problem

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