Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of length 0

can anyone help me with this i am trying this for many days but its not working ???


As the thread title says, your list is empty. You need to see how you are populating the list

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see this are my blocks.can u find any mistakes

See you set global subtitles to 5

should i make it 4?

You need to change to global switch right

And in last condition make it 5

k wait checking

And why you set local list to there always put that in end when you got all values

still not working?

do u want aia file?

Yes please send aia but I will reply you in some time later

in blueantstudio its showing u can end after 24hours so i am send with this id. Aia Files K Problem.aia (100.8 KB)

do u have any mail id or telegram id it will bee better ?

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