Audio Extractor Extension

I want an Audio Extractor Extension
Deep Host Audio Extractor not working
If you have any extractor extension then please help me

Like, extracting the audio from the Video file?

Yes video to audio

What is your Budget?

Actually I want free extension

I already have
But it’s not working now

Hmm. Search here:

Did you have ?

No, I can do it if you can Pay me.

How much ?

File_Picker_Demo.aia (147.7 KB)
Can anyone check it
And tell me that why audio is not extracting from video

just change the video format from mp4 to mp3 and that’s it

But what about the size
Audio size will be same as of video size
That’s why I want audio extractor extension
I have an extension
But it’s not working
Or my blocks are wrong :upside_down_face:

Check this AIA and tell me if issue is from my side