Audio picker not working

Hi there. When I use the audio picker function and I press the button to open the list of available audios, any audio shows up, I can only see the accept or decline buttons at the bottom of the screen. Is that a bug or am I missing something?


You have to give more info. Read the topic below how to show more info.

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Not much to say. I create a new project, insert the “audio picker” button and export it to apk. When i run the apk and press the button, this screen shows up:

Did you gave “Storage” permission to your app?

And make sure your music files in any folder which there is no .nomedia file inside.

I just checked. Storage permission is enabled on the app settings on android. My music files were in a .nomedia folder, so i moved some of them to the music and downloads folders on my phone. It still doesn’t work. Also the music files are .mp3.

Update: i tried with another phone and works. So the problem is with my phone. No clue what could be causing it. Also the android version of the app is the same of my phone.

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