Audio Player Component

It would be great, that the audioplayer, could have a smaller buffer size, or that it be dynamic …
because when it is used to play internet radio stations, it takes a long time to start about 7 seconds

Thank you…!!

Long time no answer here…
Well, I have created a new and better media player component for makeroid.
It will be called “ExoPlayer”.

It’s a project created by google.

The exoplayer is much faster and supports much more audio codes as the default media player component that we already have.
Too it loads online streams in a really short time.

After our comeback we let the old and new media player in the same category.
But it is recommend then to use only the new “ExoPlayer”.


Hi, Mika
the exoplayer is Great, wonderful…

I know this has been a lot of work, but I would like to suggest an addition, as I was reading the exoplayer supports the HLS format for video

It would be great if you could implement it for HLS video because this would open the door to make different Streaming player applications. the HLS format is very popular at this time, since it is supported by TVs, browsers, Android, and IOS.

The DASH format is also popular, but not as implemented as the HLS

I applaud the effort you have made to implement it, it is really a very good library.

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I will take a look into it :slight_smile:

I really miss something
Beside the function “pause” it needs a function “resume” from the paused position.
Also the “seek to position” doesnt continue from the new position.

@Mika you can do that with the exoplayer or it is still not possible

I’m having a problem with exoplayer. Continues to play(radio stream) in the background while the power saving mode is off. But does not play when phone is in power saving mode. İs there a solution?
Thank you…

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In android, 9 does not work anymore after turning off the screen. So be happy that you have an older android where it works at all.

Have you tried while the power saving mode is off?

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Yes. I tried this in my radio player on Huawei P20, P20 Pro. Android Pie closes the application even as the player plays and even as the battery saving, battery optimization and padlock are turned off so that it does not close.

Yes, resume option got added in new update but its not working. It still starts the music from the beginning. Kodular team. Do something.

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