Augmented reality (AR) in Kodular is dream or reality?

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I’m building an app with Kodular that opens a dynamic 3D image from my website (I uploaded the scripts to my web page and used WebViewer on Kodular). Now I want to insert a switch that positioned on ON allows you to see the web image in augmented reality. Unfortunately so far I have not come across extensions suitable for this purpose, only Scene3D.aix, but it is not useful. I have tried with CameraViewer, SurfaceView, but without success. Maybe Kodular doesn’t have a component or extension that can create this kind of function. I read this thread on Augmented Reality (AR) In App Inventor, and was wondering if it can be the solution. I hope some of you can help me. Sorry for the mistakes, but I don’t speak English :blush:. Thanks in advance for any support :+1:.

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I had published an extension that could load 3d models last month, my aim was also to create a surface that would mix the camera with a 3d object making kind of AR, an update is pending :grin:

Maybe you could overlay the view on the camera surface (I know this is not the best idea).


Thank you so much for replying, but I didn’t understand what I should do, can you kindly explain it to me with a block example? I know that you can overlay images, buttons, canvas … but not the camera surface. I specify that the app does not return the gbl image contained in the web page, but calls the Web Page URL where with the 3D image there are scripts that allow you to move the image and also gives you the possibility to view it in AR, but you must have Google’s ARCore app installed on your mobile, otherwise it won’t work.

Congratulations on your extension to upload 3D models, you will have made many people happy. Good boy :v:

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If you are viewing the model in a web view, then you can ask the user for the Camera permission, directly creating the camera view on the Webview with some help of HTML and JS.

(I’m not expert in these :sweat:)