Auth login and realtime database problem connection

Good morning to everybody,
i have a problem that i can’t connect firebase auth with realtime database. I’ve been looking around the community for people who have had the same problem as me and all the solutions I’ve seen don’t work for me and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong anymore. I leave here the blocks and how I have the Firebase security rules.

Thank you very much everyone and sorry for my english.


This is my realtime database

Here the rules

“rules”: {
“Users”: {
“$uid”: {
“.read”: “auth.uid === $uid”,
“.write”: “auth.uid === $uid”

Thank you very much everyone and sorry for my english.

I don’t see any problem?

What problem do you facing?

Sorry I didn’t post the problem.

When I enter the app that I have created I get the error “permission denied firebase” and no data is saved.
(the data from before was with read and write in true)

Try to set first read and write to true for initial bucket and then define strict rules for remaining bucket

That happened to me a lot. Try to make the authentication on 1 Screen and Database on the Next Screen. Save the UserID Somewhere to use it later.

That fixed the problem for me with the same Database Rules. It’s safer with it.

I’ve tried doing that but it still doesn’t work. Then I’ll try to create a project from scratch and a new database and authentication to see if that works. I will tell you

I already read the article but the error follows and looking at the rules, I think I have done them well

Send me your Aia if you want.

Thanks a lot. I’ll try some other way and if not I’ll send it to you. Thanks again