[Auth] Why I can Sign in without Verify Phone Code?

Does someone has further information regarding Verify phone code?

Im asking this because im testing the Firebase Auth, and I can easily log in with my number with no need to place the Verify code.


Please hide your phone number

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If you tries to useauth =! nullin the rule, are you able to access the data from database?

That was happening with all number?

I’ve got to try it, but the main point here is how can I use verify phone code or at least what does it return? How can I verify that the user is putting the same code he receives via SMS?

When the code is received the user is verified as the code is automatically checked from messages

You can use Texting Extension by @Taifun to read SMS.
But read carefully:
This extension uses the “dangerous” permission READ_SMS. What is a dangerous permission? I still have to add the SDK 26 functionality into that extension. Meanwhile you can ask for the permission manually, see also the telephonymanager exension about an example how to do it.

And last without Firebase
You can created a block to send random number from you app to confirm phone number. If sms have correct number do to need to do.
Take a look Taifun example to Get Phone Number
I hope this help you.

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