Auto change in blocks!

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

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Working project stopped working all in a sudden! After investigating the project, I found something unusual! Some logic blocks transformed its format itself! :sweat_smile:

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Unknown! :thinking:

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If you add conditions it won’t change also you can change to another(external, i think) way also…

I don’t know why it happens it was happening even before update but it doesn’t affect your code !!

Sorry! I didn’t understand what you meant to say.

Don’t know! I get this know first time.

Ah! :no_mouth: But it affects mine! App crashes every time while trying to execute the logic!

Well, it is not a bug… you can check it in doc also… if no condition then automatically turn to true, as i said earlier…

I am not in system so I am unable to say the correct name, if you right click the bkcok you can find it… there by each condition will come one after another instead of coming like train

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No certainly it won’t because of this unless you filled all conditons. if it crashes then it could be another reason.

Don’t think so this logic is crashing your app may be any other thing or any extension

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Well said @Anu , me too assure it…

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Fixing these blocks makes the app working again btw! Tested result.

As you can see! It’s working good again after changing blocks!

I can’t post an affected screenshot as it stops and closes the app right after the error.