Auto Coloring for Title Bar Icons

I realized when we add an item for Bottom Navigation, it converts black colored icons to selected color icons. This is so awesome.

I mean that:
Actually, I imported these icons as black color, but Bottom Navigation converted icon color to blue.


Can you make this coloring system for the Title Bar Icons also?

Also, 3-dot menu (options menu) icon is always white, so we can’t see this menu when we set action (title) bar color to white.

Yes I totally agree with your opinion. This also happens with the Status Bar, a property is missing for Black and White icons. The other thing I agree with is this whole thing :joy:, if you set the Title Bar to White as @yusufcihan said, the Vertical Menu Icon won’t turn to its opposite color (black). Maybe a color detection thingy to check if a color is too dark to turn the icon light instead or if the color is to light to turn the icons dark?

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We have a block for this since month…


Yes a block, not a property.

The function is the same!


So… it is no property?
What is it then?

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Yes but why only have a property block that you don’t have the property for?

What you see is a property…
And what you mean is a designer property…
And we dont need to discuss here…

I think I know what Iam talk about.

Yes that thing, a designer property :joy:

Start the hard drive in your head.
Then you will remember that we have had this in the past.
But it was working for some devices reverse.
And If you dont know what I mean, search it in community.

Just for you @hammerhai:


Then make it act not in reverse

Maybe you should read the topic again.
On some devices it works normal and in other reverse.

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Works fine on mine now.