Auto - Download of Creator Project

I would love an option that every time I open a project, it will download the current AIA, That way everytime I am making a change I am backing up the old version.

I am starting to do this manually now, however a simple feature, toggled to the user account, would be very handy.

  • Yes, Sounds like a good simple idea.
  • No. There are bigger problems to solve.
  • Never thought about it, so I don’t care.

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Can you make it so I can choose two :joy:

Her’s what I’d pick:

  • Yes, sounds like a good simple idea.
  • No. There are bigger problems to solve.
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Loading large projects would take even more time…

You should probably update your signature sometime.

Downloading something, maybe, as long as it’s not 1 GB, I think you’ll be fine.

I don’t think it is necessary at all.
I download aia when I am about to make big changes or from time to time just to have a backup in case of something happen.

I use to open the same project 10 times a day or more.
In a week I would have 70 aias at my computer, wouldn’t know what is the diference between them and would suffer to upload and test each one of them when I needed

I prefer download aia whenever I want and save it with a name that help me to identify it easily.
Example: logomarkerversion3-beforeusingtinywebdb.aia

And you can keep that toggle off :slight_smile:


Even better, maybe you can have it set for each project, not your whole account and maybe you can set an amount you’d like it to download weekly whenever you open your project for example:

  • Once every time I open my project
  • Once every week I open my project
  • Once every month I open my project
  • Once every year I open my project
  • Disable
    … So on…

I have another idea to add on, @Diego maybe these preferences can be in the section? Maybe it could be simply done with a cookie?

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i believe if we have that option, we have to pay in the futur. We have a few 1000 user. Think of that someone downloads each day 100Mb or maybe more bc he have to refresh the page. This is so much unneeded data transfer which costs a lot of money.

But see by default it’d be disabled. I will fight back as much as I did for us having assigned seats in lunch today.

@plang58 Look at my new alternatives on the old reply.


@plang58 they said Kodular will be free forever. Also, you can download AIA every time when you want. Have you ever paid for it?

We don’t track those events due to privacy reasons, so that won’t be added


I’m from the old school :slight_smile: I’d just like to have a keyboard shortcut to save the project (or other common operations). In the meantime I organized myself with a simple bash script set to a keyboard shortcut to save the current project.

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You checking whether a user has just visited their project, is a privacy reason? You check if people are using our apps, and checking whether were using your Creator… But when someone clicks to open a project, you cant check whether they have?

As always, you just talk without knowing…

This is being tracked with Fabric, and those stats are completely anonymous
This means that is impossible to track a single specific user
All data here is sent in a bulk way, just for stats purposes

The same here…
Google Analytics doesn’t provide an “email” tracking, or a way to link that data with our database

And here we would have to link those events to each user, which REALLY affects privacy as it is NOT anonymous and NOT in bulk way


@hammerhai There is something called GDPR, which requires a very comprehensive privacy compliance requirements. @Diego is spot on.


The solution to the original problem then, is manually downloading, and version control with git.