Auto login 000webhost

how to auto login with 000webhost. when logging in, then exiting the application and logging back in, the data in the application exits based on the logged in user

Use tinyDB

Could you explain better?

Could you explain better?

so i have saved username and password to tinydb, for auto login. but when I exit the application and reopen the application, the application data is not based on the logged in user. how to select data on hosting according to the logged in user, where is the user’s username and password from tinydb

You need only automatically login system
After reopen the app??

Use like this

do you have the aia project? applications with hosting that auto login

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Yes, But paid aia project

Are you using js ?

No only use php

Are you using MySQL database on 000WebHost?

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yes, I am using MySQL database on 000WebHost

Then just store unique id like email or phone number in tinydb when someone open app check if data in tiny db or not if data in tinydb then go to next screen otherwise login/signup screen and when signup/login done store any email/phonenumber to tinydb.

50% correct

So what to do?

Ok, it’s easily can be done using device id.

I am not using device id, Device id not working properly

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