Auto Translate without Clicking Translate button like Google Translate and Microsoft Translate

As seen in the above attached Image, Even without a “translate” button this software is auto translating … I want this feature to be added in my translate app …

As I am new to these sort of software, I don’t have any idea on executing …
Eagerly waiting for the replies from brilliant community of Kodular

Thanking you in advance
Happy Koding

You can use the textbox.text changed block, it will help you


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is this the one you are talking about …

Yes, just use a if then block and check if length is 0 or not, if not proceed with the translation operation else do nothing.


thank you let me try it and reply

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is the code right ?
but it is not working …

is the code right ? for a multiple language translator app which translates without clickink TRANSLATE button …

But it is not working for me how to fix this ???

Don’t double post the same question. It is not allowed and you could get suspended. I merged your topics.

sorry peter as i am a new comer i dont abut this i will learn it sorry…

Using all capitals is like shouting and we don’t shout here. Just be patient is someone is willing to help you.

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I did not know that , ok then let me follow it

what is it returning in textbox2 or what you typed in textbox1

Sorry i dont understand what you mean so can you please explain it little bit elaborately …
thank you

What is your textbox 2 text or textbox1 txt

Text box 1 = text typed or entered by the user which is to be translated
Text box 2 = translated text

For you reference … See the Below attached Image

but what is response that is returned by translate component or what is textbox 2 text is coming

No, Result or translated text is not displayed in textbox-2
How to fix this ???

Try to put here language code variable

Is this what you are telling ???
Will this workout ???

first print the language code variable