Auto update app including new components etc

because i dont want anyone use my app without updating app thats why i do that

That’s bad coz their should be exit button if user don’t want to use i think. but ok if you forced to update

yes i forced to update because some bug are really good for user not developer thats why i do that

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hey i found something. remove the choose dialog and let it download directly when got value. via showing spinning progress

error 1109 specified url not vaild : https And App Not Installing

Did you try checking your url from firebase weather it is correct or try using hosting sites to store your app. also i got big problem on my code which will be solve soon and im working on it

ya i tried and also i tried without firebase, and apk is downloading and saved in internal storage but not installing. i think issue in Activity Package= because its (i am testing this if its work fine i will tell you)
Now Its Wotking but app is not installing show error

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what is there after fill://mnt/sdcard/download??? is that correct?

Its My App Name After Download And Its correct Its Not Worked On Android N :-
https ://
Also I Tested In My Friend Device Its Says error 601 no corresponding activity was found

Too much error right? i need time but you can also help me try changing into different blocks/properties yourself for fixing

now only 2 errors 1st its not worked in android N and Second Is error 601 no corresponding activity was found
i Found Second Error Solution but i don`t know what he want to say see this website :- Google Groups

This is not my problem @Diego please take a look

This may happen due to mistake in properties so i recommend you to please check all

1st error is solved i use content://… To Get File, Now Only 2nd Error Is Left That Is error 601 is not corresponding Activity was found

yeah one more

you find any solution for this issue?

Is this still working or i need to remake it?

you need to remake because only one issue is not solve that is there was a problem parsing while parsing the package.

i use this method for installing apk file but an error was accrued which is “No corresponding activity was found” so how can i fix it.
apk file downloaded but then error is accrued.

use pakage ults extension