Auto update app including new components etc

This guide will help you if your app is not on playstore or you want to update your app automatically without going to playstore. just follow me.

Required components
*Firebase (to get/store latest version and Url)
*Web (to download latest version)
*Notifier (to notify users for update)
*Tinydb (only if you want to add version in your app name ex. hello v1.2)
*Activity starter ( to install the latest apk)

1. Check for update
The following blocks to check for update

2. When firebase got value
The following blocks will show what to do when firebase got value

3. Notifying users and getting url
The following blocks to tell user if update is available and the store the url of your app

4. After choosing dialog(Downloading update)
The following blocks show what to do after choosing

5. installing update
The following blocks installs the latest update after downloading.
Activity starter properties

Action= android.intent.action.MAIN
Activity Class=
Activity Package=
Data Uri= file:///mnt/sdcard/download/your app name

Q.Where do i upload my latest app?
Ans: Direct download like google drive direct link (please google for more info)

Q.What should i do to inform for latest updates?
Ans: change the value(version of your app) in firebase and value of url


where is package.Version Name In Block? and if My APP is On google play store then what to do?

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Even if your app is on play store then also you can use this method to make your users update the app.

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after adding this my app is closing and i can`t find Package1.Version Name.

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Please send the full information with screenshots of blocks and error

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i did`t understand 3. Notifying Users And Getting URl Processes
Where I Find URL,Save Response,Response File Name Blocks?

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There are blocks for saving response in #3 and the url is from firebase so it uses URL to “Get value” block.

@Shreyash u r right it can be used even if the app is on playstore and no need the package name in this method.

i mean which block ? Web,Download?
i tried web but nothing happen

@Nik The version is the value which is on firebase please check your blocks that it is correct

it uses web component

can you please send me pic of your firebase url? i mean update apk url example

Let’s clear up. it required two firebase component.
1 for the version and another for the url.

it should be on different tags and bucket

1 for the version

2 for the url

you need to change the value in firebase when the update is available.
Tag=version and value to your app latest version ex. 1.2
and url to “your direct download link” like id

i set that but i confuse right now
Firebase Base Url I Said That :-
I Faced Issue :-

please pm i will help at my best also it will be lot’s of reply

Keep the discussion on the forum and not via pm.

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the problem is button not showing on choose dialog on his device. previously i got confuse and think it will be lots of reply on this topic so i decided to pm. sorry for that.

what about button not showing on choose dialog on my device my device is redmi note 4

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please open an topic about it

please check the blocks of #4 (notifier after choosing) its not similar