Automate Ussd in App

hello, I am always satisfied when I ask a question in this forum. I have another question. Is it possible to automate existing background USSD sessions on an Android phone by an app build with Kodular? for example to buy credit from my mobile money, I have to press *1122# then choose option 1, then option 2, then option 1, then put the amount to buy the credit, then confirm, then put the password, then Ok. Is it possible to automate this process by creating an Android application with Kodular? if so can you please help me!
An application that only has the textbox to put the amount to buy, choose the telephone operator if the phone contains several sims, put the password and do the operation.

Yes possible Just dial * 1122 * 1 * 2 * 1 * Amount to buy * confirm * Put Passsword #
Don’t forget to use %23 for #

Hello. Thank you for the answer. Otherwise These codes that you sent me are to be put in the blocks of my application and it will run in the background?

because I wanted that when in the application there is only a text field to put the amount or the sum to pay for the purchase and after a button to go to the step to put the password.

This is design for exempal

Please, help me

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Sorry mister dora_paz

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