Automatic height

I have a problem with the automatic height in a webviewer. When set the height is 0. using % shows the content but i need to have it to automatic becuase it is larger than the screen and it lokks bad having the webviewer scrolling in this screen

You don’t need to set it’s height automatic, just set it to fill parent (or you can even use percent or pixels if you want to) and it will work. :wink:

Well i need it to be automatic to have the screen scrolling. Its works in thunkable, see the screenshots below.

Please stop comparing, I don’t know how many more times I could say this on the Community but, just stop, please… If you have scrolling on the WebView enabled, you should be fine setting everything to Fill Parent.

My goal is not to find everything diffrent between the two platforms, but I atleast think the most basic functions should work. And no, your suggestion doesent work

I don’t know why its not working for you. I just now tried it and it works perfectly on my phone.

Tip: Make sure that you don’t have any other component on screen with height fill parent.

Is your Screen Scrollable?

I can as best strecth it a bit using your suggestions but i cannot get it to show the entire height of the webviewer

Please share a screen shot of your designer section or the .aia if possible.

Can i send the aia to you, i rather not post it here beacuse i have been working on this for many months

You can PM me for that.