Automatically delete data from airtable

hello friends, could you help me? is there any way to delete data automatically in airtable? example: I put a date and the day automatically erases?

Use an if … then … statement . If date is … then delete all records

You are saying that when you enter a date you want to delete the values assigned to that date, right?

If yes, then it is possible and pretty easily.

Here is a step by step guide to do it:

  1. Create a local variable
  2. First you have to get the column which contains the dates.
  3. You have to temporarily save the values you just fetched to local variable.
  4. Then you have to use index is in list block to get the index of the row you have to delete. You should set the thing/piece to text box text(the textbox you are going to enter date) and list to the variable’s value.(with get global list)
  5. Export the apk

Note: This will only delete the exact date you will enter and you must have that date in the column. You can also make a function to check if the date is there.


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