Automatically fill details in login section for login once logout

if user registers with email —password then logouts the details should be present in login section if not deleted data of app…and this makes easy login again how to do it…i tried but it helped very less

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save value using tinyDB
when login screen load it sets it place


blocks show

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Isn’t that simple?
After signup has been confirmed/authorized, store the username as a key and password as a value in a dictionary.
Next time set the username and password text from the dictionary.

Hi, you can do that with like these blocks;

ggg.aia (2.2 KB)


How to show details (same) after app closed and then open…if user is already login then show same details and if he is no then no available details…

Hi I can’t understand what you want.

i mean that ur solution helped but not fully…as i close the app if user is already login and not loged out he should directly enter again without login …when i open app again it should skip login step…

Hi, I understrood you. But I must ask a question again. Wich one did you use Firebase Authentication or Manuel Login?

@shahidnazirsn211 are you there?