Autostart app + Restart when closed after certain time

Can anyone help me out? I need to start an app when tablets starts or restarts and also have the application to restart itself if the app is closed after a certain time. Is this possible? I found Background Task Extension 3.8 Background Tasks Extension [3.8 A] 🥳 - #1033 by Xoma, it seems to do the trick but really dont understand how to use it for my puropse. Can someone help me out with the blocks?


Restart or reboot the Tablet will kill the Background Tasks. You can’t really start a App automatically, only if it run once.

Some of the devices now, restrict opening apps from the background for some time when the phone is booted due to heavy load

This feature exists in the new version of the extension. Though I just tested it once.

Okay @Xoma Xoma, what you saying is that is possbile then? Can you show me in blocks how to do this?

I would not recommend you to use that at this early stage, maybe you should wait for the new version.

Okay is there any chance to get the app to restart if the app is backed out from (Not killed)

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Can you pleas guide me how to do this with the blocks? @Xoma

@Xoma ? Can you help me out with this?

Atom developer had an extension doing just that but he has removed all his extensions from public. Try to contact him through his website. It was a paid extension. I think it was an alarm extension and only could open at a set time.

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you also can take a look into my alarmmanager extension

I could add a feature, which would start the app automatically after rebooting the device… you could be the sponsor of that feature… in case you are interested, please contact me by PM…



Wonderful, I check it out! THX!

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Ive sent you a PM!

here are some example blocks, which use my alarmmanager extension
after starting the app, a short sound will be played