B Hero (Blood Donation App)

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B Hero (Blood donation app

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In my app you can find out easily blood donor by searching blood group & place.you can give also request post in our app.when you post a request all app user will be notify.cheak this app & suggest me what i need to improved.


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Aia file is paid.if you need this app aia you can contact me at imo (Edit by mod)


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the idea is very good, congratulations on your app, keep it up and you will have great results

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Tnx man.keep supporting me & other creator.

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Amazing man, will totally recommend this:+1:

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Very nice, man, you should post it at playstore and send the link to big news websites

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In Bangladesh there was has more app like that with more facilitie. Btw tnx for inspiration


can get the aia

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not similar​:joy::joy::joy:

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Pm me.i am working it.creating this ultimate

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Please pass me the Aia file of the app… I want to collect data and help for blood donation

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I am trying to added some features. If you want this aia you need to do contribution