Backgroud Activity

I just wanted to know that if i can make a extension which run a set of program in backgroud basically sending data to my server.
i just wanted to know if your compiler will compile it
thank u

If you’re talking about background services than No, it is currently not possible to make the app run in background by an extension.

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There are many misconceptions about the term “background”. Background as mostly used means only that the app is not visible (eg after pressing the home button or after time-out / in sleep mode), but not closed. “Background tasks / services” means that an app can also execute somthing if the app is closed. That’s is indeed not possible with AI2 & its clones (Kodular, Thunkable, …).


no i think you misunderstood if i make my own extension and do the job will your compiler compile the app

:thinking: I wonder about the term “currently”

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Please define what you mean by “background”

by background i mean when app screen will be closed the program will send the user location to my server i am making a employee tracker
i will use a infinitely looped intent service

Background service is not supported by Kodular.

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If an app screen is closed, it does not necessarily mean that the app is closed. So explain exactly what is meant or how you switch your screens.

If an app has 2 screens and you are on Screen2 and closes this screen, Screen1 will normally appear. At least as far as not every screen is closed when another one is opened.

I must admit, I haven’t thought of this approach.
How do you plan on implementing the loop?
The Main Thread will be onPause…

we will give a function to run the intent loop and let it continue till we give another comand
main tread will be onpause but the intent service will continue to run until we will stop it and with http request we will send the coordinate to the server with java interference of kodular(only running and stoping will be done via kodular).and the user will be required to setup a server by themself

thanks for concern

Build a sample extension and use it in a sample app…
Test it…