Background services possibility (OneSignal)

Hello dear stuff. İt is interesting for me that if apps made with Kodular can work in background why we can not use this feauture? Because when we add onesignal component to the app it automatically add some services to app and can recieve notifications even app is closed. It means that kodular can work in background. Right?

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Although OneSignal is running a service, your app won’t run in background after closing it (by user or because of OOM).

İ know this. My question is about reason

Because OneSignal is able to communicate with background serviced apps.

İt enter to my phone through Kodular)) why onesignal can but Kodular not. I want to learn this

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OneSignal communicates with a different part of the operating system.

When you open the app it registers the device with onesignal. Onesignal can now directly send information to the device and it tells it that your app is what requested it.

Your app is not doing anything in the background at all.


thank you. it is enough for me

and i wish also Kodular can communicate with THAT PART of operating system:))

This is my most wanted feature since 2017 :eyes:

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