Backpress issue

I have three screens supoose A,B,C .Data of Which redirects to single screen named Books.Is it possible on backpress from books i get back to perticular screen A or B or C

And what have you tried?!
Why should it not be possible?

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One easy way is

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but it will lead to screen 1 only .i have three screen.Data from A screen leads to Books,Data from B screen Leads to Books,Data from C screen leads to book.So if i came from screen B to Books ,when i back press it should go back to B only

i am new to asked for help buddy.I tried but couldn’t find so asked.

Ok maybe you can use an if statement but you have to show your blocks to see if this will work or not

@Mika is one of the developers of Kodular.

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sorry i was unaware of that

Hello Ajay, I’m new here too.
Have you tried using the block “when screen1. Other Screen Closed”?
This block allows you to get the name of the screen that closed.
So, if you store the screen name in a variable and set the block “when Screen1.backpressed” to “open another screen. screen name = variable that contains the name of the screen closed” it maybe work.


thank you very much.It works.thank you for help.

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