Backpressed interstitial ads

i have placed ads like when someone press backpress they see an ad and goes back to the main this process, after viewing an ad im getting a white screen,when i press back again im moving to the main,how can i remove that white screen

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First question everybody gets. Did you search the forum. I think this has been asked before.

If you’re thinking to publish your app on Google Play, you’re not allowed loading Ad on back press. It will effect normal behaviour and violate Google’s policy.

Use notifier to load ad. When back pressed, notifier show Spinning Progress and Load ad… When Ad Loaded, dismiss spinning progress and Show ad… When Ad closed, open another screen…

Is it allowed when ad displayed when screen initialize? Are interstitial ads are goods? When the user see the ad for 1 sec or 5 sec will the result is same?

You can use Ads anywhere, but keep in mind that Ads should not effect the app’s normal flow.