Backup discipline

For all important projects i have a folder on my hard drive where i keep all the assets and other files related to that project.

In the same folder i make regular backups of my project where i use the projectname and the current date and time, so for example.

test201908251213.aia or test-201908251213.aia

If i do a lot of work on one day and make multiple backups, which i do :grin:, i can do that easily by just adjusting the time.

If something goes wrong i can always select the aia that still worked. I get a lot of aia-files this way but better safe then sorry.


  • I don’t keep a record of what is changed in what aia.
  • I don’t always make a backup of those files to for instance Google Drive.

How does your backup discipline look like, maybe i can use some of your tips and tricks?


I export all projects .zip everytime before closing computer… Means when done work for that day I make any changes


Once in a while I download my projects AIA’s and stuff to a folder called “Kodular Projects” as well as I upload them to my Google Drive.


I dont backup projects, but sometimes i export them as aia but still i have folder in which i keep my aia and assets. But i will start creating backups as security measures.

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I upload my release AIAs and keystore to Google Drive. It has an option to keep multiple versions, but I’m only bothered with the latest one. If anything goes horribly wrong, I can revert to last release. Otherwise, I use “Save As” and a name like “ProjectName_XFeatureImplemented” to keep the backup until release. I also keep AIA files downloaded, although that is by no means regular. I really need better version management.


I also have my keystore file on Google Drive and in the root of my home folder.

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We all do. :crossed_fingers:


@peter, I have a simple tip for u :
When u save your till date .aia file, (suppose you started a new project & u have a new folder for it’s assets and aia.) so, when saving your first .aia, name it to your project name.

For the second time saving that project’s .aia, replace the first aia with the new one.
I do like that only to prevent mess & confusion of which aia is the latest.

Try keeping a sticky note & do the same - replace the note’s text according to .aia’s progress. :smile:

Try making 2 folders for the same project’s aia. First folder contains the original file, & the second contains it’s temp copy. :blush:

Hope this helped you :smile_cat:

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I always save checkpoints before and after making changes to my apps everytime. I download the.aia to my pc.
Once in a while I download all app projects

Also whenever I want to start work to update to an existing app, I first export the apk to be two versions ahead, e.g ABC app on Playstore is version 1.1 and code 12, I will export ABC apk in version 1.3 and code 14 before I start working on the update. In case I later discover an error in app version 1.2 and code 12, I can then revert to previous app with higher version number and code in playstore.

:sweat:I hope you understand…(I’m OCD-ed)

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I backup with the Save-As method too. If I am working on a bigger project, I save AIAs and upload them to a custom nextcloud server. (Nextcloud is a cloud storage solution, which you can self-host)