Backup,Rename for aia and apk

i hope makeroid can make a backup and restore function or undo and redo, so that users will be easier to get back their previous version if they deleted something carelessly.

also, i hope we will be able to rename the .apk or .aia file before export, so it wont be Abc(1).aia , Abc(2).aia , Abc(3).aia on our computer while export

I think the Checkpoint feature is releated with that, no?

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That’s Chrome, which renames like that as there is already an existing file with that name
And I don’t get the reason to set a custom name for AIA before downloading

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for apk also

Yes, but I don’t get what do you want here :sweat_smile:
If what you want is to set a custom download name for AIAs and APKs, then that’s not possible as it will lag the builder opening the File Explorer to select a location and set a name

And you can create different checkpoints as backups



hope you can optimize the builder so it can add more features without getting lags