Bad Argument Error

How correct this error. Please help

Show you relevant blocks for sufficient information.

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Screen 4

Screen 5

In which screen you are getting this error?

I am getting error in Screen 2

Do you have any empty text box in airtable(screen 2)?

Is all column have equal length of the list?

I hope before all airtable gets data it is started to arrange by list so that it may happen. Why don’t you use dictionary method? It won’t give you any list error…

If the error is displayed as soon as the Screen2 initializes then, check if your receiving the empty list as a parameter to select list item block. See marked picture below

If yes then make sure that your list is populated(use ‘Do it’ during live test) with related elements.

Could you please tell how to use dictionary method

Okay I’ll try

try this aia by adding base ID, api key, table column and replace category into column names.
airtable_GSR2.aia (31.8 KB)

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