Bad Argument to select list item

Here is the Screen Shot of my block

Screen shot of problem

Here is the Screen 2. Where Problem Occurs
quot_Screen2.ais (5.1 KB)
I want to see the data I have entered in the Airtable. But where ever i try to open my app this error shows can anyone help me please!!!:no_mouth::no_mouth:

Sorry for bad english :pray::pray:

A good way to learn and figure out your problem is to debug your blocks with Do it . Add a set label text block for example to get values from airtable , if you get values then proceed to the next step. This way you will be able to isolate your problem and solve it

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I know this and i should use the debug but next time i will use it but know can you tell me the solution??

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But it to 1 that number error is because you set intiallse Crete empty list

@Vivekjain i dont get it. Can you please elaborate it??

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See this pic :heart_eyes:

Number should be 1,2…
You have done it create empty list

I saw this pic but i dont get it . Check the Aix file I have given.

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Check 3 block of the pic of block you posted

When spreadsheet got column check that block

So i should change the create empty list to 1,2 number??

Exactly Rohit

Okay let me check it !!! Btw thanks

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Like this?

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Yes Rohit.

Okay let me download the apk

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This error is showing now :disappointed:

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Change make list

I don’t get it

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Change make a list block to join block in text