Bad arguments to convert an alist to a dictionary

Can you please help me to figure out what’s wrong with my blocks? I keep having this error:

show your blocks, response from server

share your response too.

You mean this?

 $myobj = new stdClass();
	$myobj->plate_num = $result["Bus_Plate_Number"];
	$myobj->b_class = $result["Bus_Class"];
	$myobj->b_dep = $result["Bus_Dep_Time"];
	$myobj->b_arriv =  $result["Bus_Arriv_Time"];
	$myobj->b_driv =  $result["Bus_Driver"];
	$myJSON->bus = json_encode($myobj);
	echo $myJSON;

i got this error:

Make sure your web response is in proper dictionary mode… I dont think it is…

Your blocks seems right to me. But you are receiving invalid response. As I can see in the error you are receiving only br as response. have you checked the response that you are receiving by printing it on a label?

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what do you mean?

In json response you won’t have such a thing

same with me, but the error appears when the application is accessed with a network that is not local, if it is accessed locally the error does not appear, :frowning: