Bad arguments to format as decimal kodular

anyone have a solution for this?

this is my block

You are not getting lat and lon data from firebase, value is empty, clearly stated in error message


is my firebase error? uhm i don’t think so

I think so… simply set lon.text and lat.text to get value and you will see that you do not get any data, get value is empty string

i think i should create a new firebase, thank you

Why create a new one ? Maybe you didn’t set project’s firebase bucket correctly. Post your aia here

ok i’ll send it through pm

Do not set a project bucket in designer’s view, leave it empty . Also in activity starter change url from https://www/ to

did you successed to run the apk?

I tested with companion. There are some issues with images that do not show but I get data from firebase as stated above

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This error usually happens when there is no value inside the tag. so you have to pass a symbolic value in get_tag or inhibit if tag is empty

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