Bad arguments to is in list?

My app shows this error on my cousin’s huawei phone:

If this is about the code then why isnt it appearing it on my phone & my friend’s ?
It only happens on his phone. Any idea what this is about ?

Please show your blocks.

probably this one.
but why the error appears on a specific device only ?

It occurs on specific device only because your TinyDB value is null.

In your mobile, TinyDB has value but in your device TinyDB has value.

To overcome this error, first check if TinyDB has value or not (by using if-else block).

When i copy your topic into the searchmask I get 21 topics about this error. Did you read them?


before posting this comment did you read what I mentioned in the post ? “It appears on a specific device only”. Working fine on all other devices.

I didnt understand where to place that if block you mentioned ? It would be greatly appreciated if you could show me the blocks :slightly_smiling_face:

And you think you won’t get any idea when you try the search function? This is the way this forum works. First try the search function and when you can’t find any solution then open new topic to describe your issue.
And just asking for blocks is the lazy way

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So you assumed I didnt search & came up with this comment ?
Go through all those topics & find me a topic with the solution to this exact error. Then I will myself delete this topic. Else your comment makes no sense.


This should be your task.

What are you man ? You didnt get my point. I did go through most of the topics & also googled it. The only reason why I posted it as a new topic is because ‘it happens on a specific device only’.

You sound more like a senior bullying or ragging juniors. Being a member you had the option to look into the problem and give me a solution or find me a link to the solution or to just avoid it. But all you did was assuming things own your own & harassing me by posting your thoughts here. It’s nothing more than cyber bullying.

How about showing the corresponding blocks (TinyDb1, Level_n …) as well.
So post all relevant blocks.

Connect to Companion, make a right mouse click (→ Do it) on this block:

and post the result.

If the result is 2, you should know where the error is.

You tag is empty…

But then you will not get this error:

so we need to see this result from the device where the error occurs.

Sorry… My mistake. I didnt go to that page before doing this. I will try it again.

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Can you also do Do it on get global level?

It is wise to clear my Kodular companion & try it again na ? It will have previous data na ?

Use Clear All Block of TinyDB to Remove Any Existing Values.