Bad arguments with values

Hi, I have a problem and every time I request the values ​​to show them in a dynamic component I get these errors:

blocks (8) blocks (10)

The blocks image isn’t clear enough

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kodular just let me get pictures of all the blocks :inexpresivo:

Right click on the block {wherever you used create cardview block} and click save block as png and post all of them here

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blocks (10)

blocks (8)


blocks (11)

If you are using the Material CardView Extension, it’s not working in Kodular anymore.

Okay, but I also used the dynamic coding component (THE SECOND PHOTO) and it didn’t work either

Are you talking about that component? I don’t think I see that picture in your post.


yes, because before testing the extension I use that component

If I’m not mistaken, you need to use -1 and -2 for the height and width while you are using 290 and 700.

I get the same error :rabia:

blocks (11)

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@Peter can you please merge or lock this topic as it is duplicate of

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I unlisted the other topic and closed it. Don’t create duplicate topics. If you post the same images the questions are also the same.

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