Badge for App developer with highest downloads

Dear Kodular staffs,
Today i am gonna suggest you to add a new badge in community section which can be provided to developer whose app have downloads is more than 100K or something.
so that all the developer gets motivated to publish their app in playstore


I am not against it but I don’t know if this would be well accepted. Many people don’t like to show their apps to avoid copies or worse (like I saw many times in forums users trying to attack each others projects because of personal problems).

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I also want something similar, because I do not have any jeje

I think it is not a good idea to post your APP here. Here are some hater what give you later a bad comment and try to decompile and hack you server and so on. I read that very often, after a user published their app in a forum what is on playstore. At the next day thier server had no more files or other bad things was happend.
This can be a good idea or not 50 to 50 chance.

I wanted to ask a question about that. By using Airtable, can you obtain the keys and other sensitive data when you decompile the app ?. And in Airtable you can upload or alter the data of the spreadsheet from an app in inventor ?, or Airtable does not allow writing?

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Like @Daaniiieel when he told me I had made a bad design with my title bar on Studio :joy:. Am I joking?

If you obfuscate your API Key and things like that, you should be fine if they start looking through .java files.

You can, using only Kodulars component. They have more features, I suggest you just do use it.

Well, then I’ll have to use the text obfuscation elements. I wonder if the database keys, like other components, also allow obfuscating their credentials.

i create my api with differenzt blocks and merge them together. a part of the api key i load from a database. So you can decompile my app but you dont have the complete api key if you find all parts and merge them together back to a api key because you need the part from the database.
It needs a bit time of work to get the complete key.
I waited for the new firebase komponent (dynamic Links) Because i can put in the data for the api key and i can change the key each day, one times or more often. So you make it harder to for people who decompile you apps for destroying you server or steel your data. I look for a chance to chance the api key dynamically with a script, what run each hour or so. And if they key is changed i will load the new key with firebase or other realtime databases in my app.

there is o solution ti make a app save. You can only try to make it hard to get your keys out of the app.

If you have a few steps to get they key for your main database, people will lost their motivation. And if they find the key, the key wil change on its own, So if the hacke is too slow, he didnt get the right key. And if he have the key the ke< will not work long.

I have an app with over 100k downloads but I’ve released a new version. Here is a link to the version with the 100 k Downloads: והנה Link to the new version:
(The Hebrew version is upgraded)

i asked for app made with makeroid not other builder

I believe, personally, that having a clock, or small mathematical operation in the application that generates a key that is only decipherable by the developer (see ENIGMA) and matches the database, users would not like that their application carry out operations without you knowing about it …

Perhaps the only solution would be that the application downloads a mathematical code every so often when the value of the credentials is different, the application decrypts it and obfuscates the result, passing that value as the new password or credentials of its database …

I only mentioned that it can be better :smile:

The 4 star rating is permanent, d*** it :rofl:

I moved these apps to kodular but left the package name in order not to re-upload the app to the store