Balance deduction on my admob account

Good day, today I generated $5USD in my admob account, then the balance went to $3.03 to finish $0.90

I understand that the balance that appears in admob is the net balance (because kodular has already charged me a commission)

Am I right?

Buen día, el día de hoy genere $5USD en mi cuenta de admob, después el saldo paso a $3.03 para finalizar $0.90

Tengo entendido que el saldo que me aparece en admob es el saldo neto (por que kodular ya me hizo el cobro de comisión)

Estoy en lo correcto?

You clicked on your own ads, if so you are going to suspend your own account :laughing:



, Unfortunately you’re not! As Boban already mentioned, as a publisher you should NEVER click on ads! Google is intelligent enough to track you!

And, Kodular is charging NOTHING from your earning. They’re running their own ads to get their commission.

I hope the whole scenario is now clear to you!


Hey, thanks for your clarification.

Just to make it clear that I don’t self-click on my ads, I know perfectly well that it can bring me a penalty.

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