Banning Extensions was not a good idea

It is great to see Kodular is having native support for any Advertising Networks but banning extensions that were already present was not a good idea, I have seen many people complaining about ads not loading even when the blocks were correct.

whereas the extension managed to load ads properly. Just a thought !

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I think Diego did an excellent job at explaining why such extensions were banned.


I beg to differ,
but I dont think so, there was no proof that extension developers took 100% commission of users. Anyway it is off topic leave

it was because only of us
we were cheating kodular team by using ads extention
wait if u want everything free
then everything will be free but in a week or so
when you will enter kodular website link it will say
link not found

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We’re not talking about those extensions
We found up to five extensions distributed on Facebook groups as “we remove commission from Kodular”, when they were taking 100%
So we added the method, and then we also decided to enforce native ad components so we banned all alternatives


In this case I would like to suggest you to kindly post a list of extensions that were banned. It’s not new. We already have such kind of thing implemented, viz. “Not Working Extensions”.

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