Barcode and Database

I don’t have that number…


you want 1234567 but in excel is 1235467

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Yeah sorry i wanted to send 123456 :slight_smile:

indir (1)

Works as it should

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Thanks Boban for all supports.

I see now.
I didnt found my android phone. So i used emulator. It is not working good at emulator. Because camera working like a mirror. Its working all then.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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I want to thank all the helpers. :slight_smile:
I will improve myself about after that.

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Hey again Boban.

I want to ask a thing too :slight_smile:

My DB will be more than 5000.It will be almost 100.000. When i 100.000 rows an csv app is closed.
How can i change with big DB?

Sorry for the sincerity. Use Relational databases / Database Manager.

Real databases are not spreadsheets.

Thanks Rogerio.
im trying new things. I want to do that double database it mean local and with firebase. If i dont connect internet i will continue to use app with local database. So i need to do this firstly. It wont basic i know. But im working :slight_smile:

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English , Please. :+1:t2:

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Hey again everyone
Sorry for this.

I have some problem with the project. Can u help me ?

-In this project can read just 5000 row but i have 100.000 row. So its not working. I didnt find anything about rows size.

-Also my .csv file is seperate with semicolon(; ) Because my database have comma(,) so i need to seperate with semicolon(; ) How can i do i dont know its not basically.

-Also first label is scanned barcode. I want to change with textbox. When it is textbox. If i write in textbox any barcode i want to find without scanner. I didnt find when i write anything in textbox how can i take this text for add to code.

Can u help me about these?
Thanks for your supports.

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Well, If you had mentioned this from the beginning that it will be 25000, 50000, 100000 then I would advise you to do it in a different way…

Perhaps using SQLite component, you might want to search the community about SQLite

P.S. Putting 100.000 rows instantly in list/db might overwhelm any device, thereby either read mutiple files or from the big file read 5000 lines at a time…

I didnt know about this anything sorry @Boban So i cant change this DB when i use like that. So i need to add other rows with that.

Most of the people advice to me. So i will try with that. But i need to use that app with like that database now. So i need to increase DB size. Can u help me about it.

Can u help me about these? I didnt find anything.

You need to export your data to an SQL database.

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I will do it still. I need to time for doing SQL. How can i integrate SQL to the project? Because The project is very usefull.

SQL is the language. Sqlite and Mysql are Relational databases that use SQL. Locally you will use Sqlite. On the web you will use MySQL. In the community there are 2 examples without extension. These examples use PHP Scripts + Kodular Blocks.

And there is a paid extension.

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Thanks @Rogerio_Rios

I created my .db file. I learn something. I need to how to import and read this without any price :slight_smile: So can you help me for this. I didnt understand nothing at the forum topics.

Can someone say me this;
If u have a .db file how can u import this file in kodular and how can u read, search with id this data.

Hey @Boban when i try to make new app can u help me for ur created project with .csv
I just want to ask that; If my file like that

barcode | text1 | text2 | number1 | number2 | number3
987654321987 | first text | second text | 25,88 | 25,21 | 23,65
987654321986 | first text1 | second text1 | 55,54 | 65,47 | 73,77
987654321985 | first text | second text | 25,32 | 25,61 | 63,25
123456 | first text1 | second text1 | 55,45 | 75,96 | 63,33


How can i seperate csv commas and commas of my file?
I save .csv with ;

Also Can you say me how to increase 5000 rows than more.
Can you help me for this?

Hey @Boban

First of all thanks for your all supports. I have really good project thanks to you.
But i have some problems. Also u know im new here.
I’m really waiting a reply from you. If you dont want to continue to help please say me this.
I wont wait anymore.
I’m looking here everyday almost 10 times or more. If i can do it. I didnt say these to you. But i didnt anything the problems.
Please say me.

Thanks for all.

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